MASS EFFECT 3 to Be Origin Exclusive

Mass Effect 3 logoEA has not backed out of the digital distribution race, even though Steam is clearly the leader at this point. Despite shaky working relations with Valve in 2011 (which both companies claimed had been cleared up), EA has stated that Valve’s publishing policies make distribution of additional content and contact with consumers too difficult.

It’s the same song and dance that gamers have heard ever since EA started placing such heavy influence on its proprietary Origin service. And gamers surprised that EA will not be bringing this title to Steam need to pull their heads out of the dirt.

The biggest surprise to this announcement is that any PC sale of Mass Effect 3, physical or download, will require Origin to run. Gamers have cried fowl to these DRM policies, forcing the owner of the product to maintain a constant Internet connection to play the game, even when playing single-player modes.

Fortunately, Mass Effect 3 will feature online multiplayer features, so gamers will be more likely to play while connected to the Internet, but for players on a long bus or train ride without WiFi, solitaire will be just about the only playing experience available.

Will this news affect your purchasing decision on March 9, when Mass Effect 3 releases on the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation3?

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  1. The biggest problem with Steam is that you have to be connected to the internet to play any of the games PAID FOR! The offline mode can only be activated if, prior to going offline, an internet connection has been established. I’m a console guy anyway, so this will not affect my getting Mass Effect 3.

    • Clint, I don’t want to contradict you, but I will anyway. What you say is both true and not true. After you have started steam for the first time (which does require an internet connection), you don’t need to be online to play games. I often play steam games without an internet connection. The only real problem users might run into is if the game or client files aren’t completely updated.

      For those interested, here’s a link to information about Steam’s offline mode:

      The link makes it sound more complicated than it actually is.

  2. I understand why EA wants to push its Origin platform, but I can’t help thinking that limiting ME 3 to Origin can only hurt sales.

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