Someone’s Birthday Was Almost Forgotten (And It Wasn’t Alex)!

Clint Kingsley is special

The staff at GameTaffy gets constant modelling offers. It's quite annoying.

Today, I’ve been very busy.

So busy, in fact, that I didn’t see a notice on my Facebook for one of my closest friend’s birthday until a few minutes ago.

Therefore, forgive me for rushing to get this special birthday wish posted. And be sure to read on for plenty of embarrassing details about Clint Kingsley’s sex life!

Clint and I met at the Weber State University Writing Center, when he was hired on to work the night shifts in the Developmental English Learning Center with me. As I had been a Master Tutor for about a year at that point, I was expected to offer him training and support.

Unfortunately, at the time, I was doing the hCG diet with my wife. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a starvation diet in which dieters take drops (shots if it’s from the doctor), wait a half an hour, and then eat 5- to 25-calorie meals. Eating a total of 500 calories a day, I was losing a lot of weight, but boy! was I crabby!

Starving myself on a daily basis, studying and working long hours, and now having to deal with a new guy made for a fairly pissy Ben. Clint would try to make friendly conversation with me periodically, and I would grunt a response.

Eventually, though, the diet ended. And right before the diet ended, a funny thing happened: I stopped being an ass.

Clint Kingsley with a moustache

For Moustache March, Clint decided to go head-to-head with me. We all lost. A little of our souls...

I was so excited to eat real food again, I started imagining recipes. I had to tell someone, and Clint was right there, so I started pitching dishes at him. Well, not actually pitching dishes. That would probably have led to both of us getting fired. I would talk about some kind of meal I wanted to invent, and he would offer suggestions for better ingredients. Then, we started talking about Wookie Cookies, and Star Wars stuff.

And like that, we were tight. It’s like I always say, “Star Wars could end all wars.”

Really, ask Clint or Alex. They’ll tell you how I’m always saying that.

Clint and I continued to gush over Star Wars: Clone Wars and all of our favorite games. He got me into the Uncharted series (although I still haven’t played U2, which sits patiently on my media shelf). I got him into Mirror’s Edge. We started writing short stories to impress each other (with Clint winning with “Some Bees,” a story that he’ll link to, I’m sure).

We were thick as thieves.

Then, Clint did what all workspace friends dread.

He got a better job.

Well, “better” is a relative word. He got a different job. A job where I wasn’t hanging out with him.

Sad face.

For nearly a year, our contact was sparse, maybe occurring once a month. We weren’t forced to be in the same room together, so we had no reason to see each other. It’s one of the sad parts of work-place friendships: A new job has the potential to end all contact.

In fact, in most cases, the work friends hold bitter feelings to each other, as though changing jobs is comparable to sleeping with the other’s mom. Fortunately, Clint and I were able to remain friendly, even after being separated by distance.

Clint and Kristen Kingsley

Yes, reader, you too can have a hot wife if you apply yourself and remove most of the color from the world around you.

Then, WarpZone happened (see Alex’s birthday article for that story). A year after the WarpZone Show had been established, I started working on

At first, it was an ego boost – a chance for me to prove that I am the expert on gaming. Then, I popped my own inflated ego and reached out to those I thought would be best for the site.

I knew Clint would be fantastic for GameTaffy, but I didn’t know how to ask him. So I approached him in the most professional and mature way I could think of.

I sent him a message on PSN.

Now, as Clint turns one year older, I want to wish him a happy (almost forgotten) birthday! I hope this article makes up for the fact that I’m too damned cheap to buy you a gift!

Oh! And that sex life promise! He has it. Sex, that is. He has sex.

I think if I write “sex” one more time, we’ll be listed as an explicit site by Google…


About Ben Davis

Ben writes for KWCR 88.1 Weber FM, Studio 76, the Signpost, and and can be contacted on Twitter (@GameTaffyBen) or at!

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