BANG BANG RACING Car Class Trailer and Screens

Bang Bang Racing white logoHopefully you haven’t forgotten about this downloadable top-down racing game. It’s been a while since we heard anything from this PSN, XBLA, and PC title, but some screens and a brand new trailer have been sent to us.

Last time we talked about Bang Bang Racing, we knew very little about the game and made comparisons to arcade and SNES classic Super Off-Road Racing. Based on the trailer, we’re half right.

After glancing at the screens, one immediately notices the Micro-Machine design given to the cars. Giving the vehicles a squished, cartoon appearance, Digital Reality aims for family-friendly action. After all, if it looks like a cartoon, it must be good for the family, just like Borderlands! While I’m not a fan of this art style, it works in this type of game, mostly because its a style of gameplay that has mostly disappeared.

The game resembles the stationary camera pattern from the classic racers of the 16-bit generation. However, the camera is fluid and follows the race. It maintains a static angle for most of the experience, but it will shift slightly to make the experience more approachable for modern racers. Still, this style of gameplay is extremely polarizing and will lose some players right at the start.

Much like WipEout HD on PS3, this game has set classes of cars with skins unlocking as players progress. For beginners, the N-Dura Class offers balanced gameplay and controls. The Evo GT offers better top speed and more nitro, but the handling gets a little crazy. Likewise, the Protech upgrades speed and downgrades handling even more. Finally, the Apex is the ultimate monster machine with crazy speed and virtually no handling.

This class system rewards players who aim for challenging themselves with harder cars, but offering a better variety of cars would have given the game a more custom feel. As it is, players upgrade a speed level and downgrade handling. Better would have been to use the N-Dura Class for the balanced racer and making other classes improve speed, nitro, or handling separately.

Hopefully, Bang Bang Racing can pull off its cartoony style, antiquated control mechanic, and predictable car classes in a strong return to the alternate form of racing that seemed to die with the arcades. For now, this isn’t looking like a strong entry in the digital market.

Expect Bang Bang Racing later this year.

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