Child’s Play Charity Raised $3.5 Million in 2011

Child's Play Charity logoAfter a marathon, a golf tournament, and two game sales, Child’s Play Charity announced raising over $3.5 million in 2011. On top of this, since 2003, Penny Arcade’s charity has raised over $10 million.

Each year, Child’s Play raises money to buy toys and games for children’s hospitals around the world. Working with Seattle Children’s Hospital (which sends the donations to their network of hospitals around the globe), the charity works to help heal through raising spirits.

Unfortunately, most other charities prefer to focus on buying gear or medical equipment. Penny Arcade follows the philosophy that the best equipment is a great way to heal the disease, but the time spent outside of testing and treatment is just as important to the healing process. has more information about how you can donate and help children.


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