DICE Loses Staffers to Free-To-Play Developer Ngmoco

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Benjamin Cousins, General Manager of Ngmoco Sweden, has recently confirmed on his personal Twitter account the hiring of three new ex-DICE staffers for the American-based F2P company.

Wille Wintertidh, Malte Hildingsson and Torbjorn Lædre, all of whom worked on Battlefield 3, joined Ngmoco (Next Generation MObile COmpany) in what can only be considered a strange alteration for a career path. Wintertidh was hired on as a Senior Artist, while Lædre will be working as a Senior Programmer. Hildingsson’s position with the company has yet to be announced.

While it is certainly common for a studio to part ways with a few members of the development team on big-name projects, this particular swap seems like a visible downgrade for these well-versed industry veterans. One can only speculate as to what kind of perks a social gaming company can offer in comparison to one of the largest publishers on the planet. Could it be a sign of bigger ideas in the works for Ngmoco?


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