Nintendo 3DS Outsells GameCube

Nintendo 3DS with Pilot WingsWhile is not able to bring exact sale numbers from the NPD (as it costs hundreds of dollars to see the monthly reports), we have no problem with leeching off of other sites’ NPD subscriptions. And some interesting numbers for the Nintendo 3DS have been announced.

To date, the Nintendo GameCube has sold just over 4 million units (including new sales from this year). In the 9 months of its existence, the Nintendo 3DS has sold nearly 100,000 more units than the GameCube.

More impressive than that is the announcement that in this 9-month period, the 3DS is selling better than the Nintendo Wii did in its first 9 months. Also, Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 have broken franchise records, with over a million sales each in their short lives.


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