K-Train’s Top 10 Christmases in Gaming

Merry Christmas!  This month, I will be detailing the top ten Christmases I have had in gaming.  The posts will be out every other day, so stay tuned.

 10- Virtual Boy

Nintendo Virtual Boy

Despite what critics have ranted about the virtual boy, as a 10 year old gamer, I thought it was pretty cool.  I spent most of my time on Red Alarm and Mario Tennis and the rest recovering with a chiropractor.  My non-ergonomic Virtual Boy is still boxed up in the basement, wrapped up in all its duct-taped glory.

9- Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

For GameTaffy readers who have read any of my articles, they ought to know that I am not a fan of the Wii when it comes to casual gaming.  Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a greatgame, but not one that caught my attention or swept me off my feet.  A more in depth multiplayer system would have bumped this title higher on the list.

8-Donkey Kong Country Returns.

donkey kong country returns

The only game that stresses me out more than DKCR would be iOS’ Cut the Rope!  One day my wife convinced me to buy DKCR for Christmas that year.  Yes, my wife  who doesn’t like games.  I of course didn’t hesitate, but later, I came to regret the decision!  Donkey Kong’s crushing difficulty is too much for me to commit to, but aside from the challenge, this is a beautiful and thrilling game that hardcore gamers adore.

7- Mirror’s Edge.

Mirror's Edge

A revolutionary first person platformer, Mirror’s Edge comes to number 7 on the list.  Players take control of Faith, a building hopping “runner” fighting against a totalitarian government, much like the one in 1984 or Equilibrium.  Everyone is under their control, and Faith and her fellow runners race to keep the regime in check.

Although Mirror’s Edge is a remarkable game for what it is, I don’t respond well to first person perspectives.  Playing this game has been a feud between Ben and I since its release, but I couldn’t make it past the halfway point in this game, so it now sits on the shelf at GameStop.

6- Final Fantasy XIII

final fantasy xiii

The Final Fantasy series is my favorite franchise to date.  Uncharted still fails to meet the standard that Final Fantasy set for me in my early gaming years.  That being said, Final Fantasy XIII is not my favorite in the series, and its shift from the traditional open world exploration and side quests was disappointing.  Luckily, news of Final Fantasy XIII-2 has revealed that the developers have taken fans’ complaints, and they are working on weeding out those problems.

5- Rock Band 2.

rock band 2

To this day I get phone calls from my family, asking me to bring Rock Band to get-togethers.  Rock Band is a phenomenal party game.  I know friends that are now married because of Rock Band parties.  That’s right, Rock Band’s awesomeness leads way to engagements and dudes showing off their button-plucking skills while wearing girl pants.  My favorite party game to date, Rock Band 2 starts the top five.

4- Sega Genesis.

sega genesis

This was the system that defined gaming for K-Train22.  I was a non-traditional gamer in my early years, and my parents bought me a Sega Genesis back in the 90’s.  Sonic was my Link, Dr. Robotnik was my Dr. Mario, and Echo sonared his way into my heart, but they impressed me just as much as the more popular Nintendo titles of the time.  I spent hours on Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, Sega’s iteration of Dr. Mario, only to be foiled by Spike time and time again.  I loved the Sonic franchise but never beat any one of the games.  Unfortunately, I didn’t see the merit to keeping this console a few years back, and she is gone forever, but her memory is immortalized in this semi-popular article.  My very first console lands at number 4 on the list.

3- Nintendo 64.

Nintendo 64

My N64 was the second console to rest its legs on my entertainment center.  The unopened box glistened in the light of the verdant Christmas tree as my pre-teen eyes glistened with tears.  This was the last kiddy-console that I played (since I’ve given up on my Wii…) and play I did.  Some of my favorite games include The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, Super Smash Brothers 64, StarFox 64, Goldeneye, and one that shall remain nameless…  Speaking of Goldeneye, my 64 was the first console I used to experiment with multiplayer.  I didn’t have any gamer friends at the time, other than my cousins.  We used to play for hours and shun the Oddjob of the group.  I loved my 64 until I grew into my Playstation to which I am faithful this day, but I made the best of my 64 while it was good.  64 Christmas represents two items on this lists, the next being…

2- Diddy Kong Racing.

diddy kong racing

Diddy Kong Racing!  DKR was my favorite game for the N64.  While everyone else was death-matching in Goldeneye, I was grabbing every amulet piece, obtaining all gold medals, and defeating Wizpig in all his porkly vice with Tiptup the turtle.  My love for this game is ironic because racers are never my first pick, although when I do play them, it is never Burnout, or Need for Speed; I love the quirky battle-driven racers like Mario Kart or even Wipeout.  I love Diddy Kong Racing, and my current day need to trophy hunt stems from my days burning rubber on Timber’s island.

1- Uncharted 2: Drake’s Deception.

Uncharted 2

Cue Uncharted intro music here.   My favorite game to date, Uncharted 2 is my number one Christmas gift for this list.  I received Uncharted 2 a few months after its release and figured it would be a worthwhile game.  I had previously played Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, and it was certainly a top title in my collection.  It wasn’t until I began Uncharted 2, however, that my love for the franchise fully blossomed.  From the captivating storytelling to the immersive gameplay, Uncharted 2 holds strong as a top title among Playstation 3 games overall.  Not even the newest installment of Uncharted holds to the standard that Uncharted 2 created for me.  Uncharted 2 concludes my greatest Christmases in gaming.  So what are your top ten Christmases in gaming?  Feel free to post yours in the comments.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


About Clint Kingsley

Clint is a gaming journalist for GameTaffy.com. PSN ID: K-Train22

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  1. I agree that Mirror’s Edge didn’t have the best combat system, but it was amazing! I bought it for Chelsy and ended up being the one who fell in love with it.

    If there’s any part of the game that I hated, it was the final stage, which was genuinely impossible to beat without killing anyone. Other than that, I thought the game was brilliant and deserves a sequel.

    Sadly, I’m the only one who believes it…

  2. I always wished there were more Virtual Boy games; I think I just had the two as well. Mine is probably still boxed up somewhere…

    • I win with three:
      Red Alert
      Wario Land
      Mario Tennis

      I beat Wario Land, but Red Alert frustrated the hell out of me. And Mario Tennis was just another sports game to me. I was convinced that computer cheated at that game.

  3. There is simply nothing better than getting drunk and playing the drums on Rock Band. It’s really too bad that Rock Band 3 never had a full band bundle. I’m ready to upgrade to PS3, but I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on all of the instruments.

  4. I read “button-plucking skills in girl’s pants”, which I thought was a much more applicable product of Rock Band skills.

  5. Mario 😀 lots of fun during my childhood , still love it

  6. I love your bit on the Sega. I too had an awesome childhood because of that thing, and I still adorn it as a great console. Games were all pretty fun, the enticement was enough to draw any player in. I miss mine!

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