Sony’s Biggest Hurdles

polevault zombieIn review of 2011, Sony had an okay year among core gamers. The PS3 came out with several exclusive titles that were a success in the market, but Sony has a few problems. So what hurdles keep Sony from hitting the success that other companies have made?

The only people who seem to be interested in Sony’s products are core gamers because there just isn’t anything that has been released that even applies to a broader audience other than LittleBigPlanet. Sony has outlined their plans for hitting a younger audience beginning early 2012, but releasing something for the Move or a few kid’s games isn’t going to be enough.  Xbox and Wii equipment have already ensured that. Those two companies already possess a popularity that the Move will never achieve. What Sony needs is something exclusive and original. Wii gave us the motion control, so forget that.  Microsoft gave us the Kinect, so forget that too. Sony needs to give consumers something they can’t get anywhere else and something that works.

xperiaOne step in the right direction was the Experia Play, which hit the biggest current gaming market: mobile gaming. One problem is the actual hardware for the phone. Building the controller into the phone is a really cool feature, but few people are interested.  A better idea would have been a more conventional keyboard with a control peripheral.  Second, the marketing for the phone doesn’t even attempt to appeal to non-traditional gamers. Just put Angry Birds or Plants vs. Zombies on the screen and the large percentage of people who don’t normally play games will begin flocking in.

Then there’s the PS Vita *Sigh*.  Oh, Vita, after all we’ve learned about you, we’ve decided that Sony should just slap a cell device in you so people can talk through you, then maybe you’d be worth it.  ‘Nuff said.

Final Word

Sony needs to raise the bar with their marketing strategies and come up with something innovative.  We’ve already thrown ideas around about the capabilities of the Kinect 2.  The functionality alone would allow for interesting gaming mechanics that have never been seen before.  As far as motion controls are concerned, they are becoming a standard and have defined gaming over the past few years.

Sony, too, should contribute to the advancement of the industry, and with attention to its demographic and to innovative ideas, they will be one step closer to taking the top spot.  Suit up, Sony.


About Clint Kingsley

Clint is a gaming journalist for PSN ID: K-Train22

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  1. I do agree with it, but it’s not a simple answer I don’t think. I can’t see another motion-activated technology being any more popular than Microsoft’s Kinect and without a price-drop, I think the PS3 is just one step back in the game. Exclusivity with 3rd party titles, cheaper price points, and a release date before the competition will be the keys to the PS4’s success. I don’t know how or what would drive sales as of the current console market, but blu-ray players on their own are really cheap nowadays, so the PS3 might consider lowering it’s price (once again, Yeah it seems unfair) but really that would be the smartest move unless they could unveil some form of better gaming technology.

  2. It won’t happen, but Sony needs to unveil the PS4 at E3 and announce a release date in August for $450 and $600.

    Since it won’t happen, I think the only solution for PlayStation is to pull every ounce of power out of the machine, like they did with the PlayStation before moving to PlayStation 2. People rave about the power of the machine, but most of the games are 720p. If Sony put out a first-party game that demonstrated just how strong the console still is, the PS3 could laugh at the Wii U and Xbox 720.

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