Naughty Dog Setting a Higher Standard of Storytelling for The Last of Us

the last of us

Director and writer of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Neil Druckmann recently spoke to Eurogamer about his vision for the upcoming game.  Druckmann emphasized the industry’s need to raise the standard for storytelling.  He stated,

As critics we need to raise the bar, otherwise no-one’s going to change. We’re going to keep pushing ourselves, and kill ourselves to make this story happen – but hope that by doing it, the rest of the industry is going to take notice and try to do the same thing.

This is great news for the gaming industry as story usually takes a backseat to gameplay, and any genre of media needs these boosts to improve.  He also stated that he felt core gamers might not respond well to the premise of The Last of Us, being “a love story about a father-daughter-like relationship.” But it may turn out to be a risk that launches gaming to a new level.  The best titles are the most

controversial ones.

As Naughty Dog already sets a high standard with their content, this news makes the release of The Last of Us that more enticing.  The game appears to be an apocalyptic adventure game, but by the news that has been released, also appears to be on par with Heavy Rain–a primarily story-driven title.  The last of us was revealed at Spike’s VGAs, and there is still no update on a release date.


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