Android Gets the Goo! (Pg13-o-Vision)

Fisty the frog World of Goo Logo Oh, MY!…. Goo Everywhere…. I know what you are thinking And no laughing! I’ll have my Jigglypuff double slap you, because this is no giggling matter: World of Goo has oozed it’s way onto the Android market like a sexy Jabba the Hutt, and shit just got real. Back in the days of my youth when I lurched in basements I came across this game for PC and immediately fell in love with it. I broke off my relationship with hygiene and began my messy love affair with the gooey GUI of World of Goo.

Spanning the gap with goo!

Being wonderfully curvy, this game is one to drool lustfully at from across the LAN. In fact, pretty much the only polygons in this game are the ones you totally pwn or construct with your goo.  The premise of this game is so simple your mom would easily enjoy it. Grab some goo to make massive erections to reach a pipe that leads to the next level (See, I can make stupid jokes too, fool).  After a few levels more species appear, and the game makes you start thinking.

Awe, what a cute emo block!! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!

It’s not enough that World of Goo is semi-challenging to begin with, but there are these OCD quirks for going above and beyond for your little goo friends. One you might like getting done REALLY fast. Zing! Others make you get ALL the goo into the pipe without wasting one. Still others make you use of the environment in unexpected ways to even BEAT the level.  Fortunately,  this raises the replay level up just above midget eye level. Unfortunately though, our curvy vixen pulled a Portal and is pretty short. But regardless if she cages you in the cellar for a few days, or just shows you the meaning of love for 2D, you have to try her. World of Goo is wonderful.Sexy Goo is  Online


About luv2nil8

Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered where you sit in the universe? That's where I am every day. I am a self declared geek with a Narnian closet full interests and hobbies and I love anything that goes boom in my brain. I Am into the music that goes 'BUMP' in the night, Longboarding down hypoxic hills, derping with friends on quests of epicosity, and video games of all flavors. I'm always looking for that next quantum leap in life. I offer you this hobbits hand in exploring the future; lets's do this.

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  1. I foresee more semen jokes in your future…

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