Holiday Shopping Guide for 2011: 10 Cheap PC Games

There are many during this time of year who really need some new video games, but are short on cash for a new game. Never fear, for here is 10 PC games that you can add to your library for under $20.

Command and Conquer: The First DecadeCommand & Conquer: The First Decade box art

Average Price: $19.96

Command and Conquer is the name that all Real Time Strategy players should know.  Command and Conquer games are some of the very first in RTS gaming for PC’s, and this game has 8 games all rolled into 1 CD.  The games start from the original CnC, and end with CnC Generals.  If you enjoy a good RTS game, and you have played the most recent CnC’s, such as Generals or Red Alert 3, you need the First Decade, so you can see how the 3 different universes have all developed from the beginning. And seriously, 8 games for $20, can you say no to that? I didn’t think so.

Duke Nukem ForeverDuke Nukem Forever box art

Metacritic: 54

Average Price: 19.96

Duke Nukem forever is an expansion on the popular gunslinger game from many of the old gaming systems.  Follow the gunslinger Duke as he fights aliens who keep stealing the worlds beautiful women.  Race through streets, destroy aliens and their ships and then sleep with the beautiful women you rescued, all for under $20.

Fallout 3: Game of the Year EditionFallout 3: Game of the Year Edition box art

Metacritic: 91

Average Price: 19.96

Fallout 3 is another expansion game from the minds of Bethesda.  In this edition, you find that your father has left the safety of one of the many faults that protect elite humans from the wastelands that now cover earth.  Now you must follow him out of the vault to find him, and fight for survival on the battle worn surface of earth. Fallout is an open world where you can journey wherever you please and complete the main campaign at your own pace.

Fate: The Cursed KingFate: The Cursed King box art

Metacritic: 84 (based on original game)

Average Price: $19.96

Fate is a very popular game for a good reason.  Fate is a dungeon crawling game that is simple in its graphics, but its colorful and it looks good.  In Fate you are told of a monster that is terrorizing the town that the dungeon entrance sits beside, and you, a young adventurer, are given the task of traveling down the dungeon to kill this monster.  Along the way you’ll fight countless enemies in the dungeon, complete quests for the townsfolk, find new weapons and armor and enchant them to get more powerful, and your traveling companion, a dog or a cat, can eat fish you catch to become a different creature to aid you in battle.  This game can take a long time to complete, and gets slightly repetitive, but it is a very good simple game to play.  Fate has many expansions, where they add new stories and different dungeons, as well as new creatures to fight. Whenever you buy the newest one, you get all the expansions that Fate currently has.  Cursed King is the most recent expansion for the Fate series.

Mass EffectMass Effect box art

Metacritic: 89

Average Price: $19.99

Mass Effect is an open world game where you follow Commander Shepard around the galaxy as he fights the rogue Spectre agent Saren and his army of AI machines from destroying all life in the galaxy! No pressure right? Mass effect is a third person roll playing game that lets you take the campaign any where you want, you can explore the entire galaxy and choose a paragon or renegade path as you complete quests for the people of the galaxy.  Customize your weapons, talk to your squad members and gain alliances with them, even gain a romance with some of them!  Mass Effect is an incredible game that you can add to your collection for a great price.  You can download Mass Effect from Origin.

PortalPortal box art

Metacritic: 90

Average Price: $9.99

Portal is an awesome puzzle game that caught like fire and surprised the valve developers who made it back in 2007. Run through testing chambers solving puzzles using your specialized Portal Device, which creates trans-dimensional portals, all the while being assisted by an AI that enjoys insulting you.  If you haven’t gotten portal yet, you must get this game! Portal is available for download on Steam.

RiftRift box art

Metacritic: 84

Average Price: $19.96

Rift takes you into a world known as Telara.  You can play this RPG as either a Guardian or Defiant and decide how you’re are going to assist in a fight between 8 different forces for control of the world.  You can create your own classes in this game, using a system called Ascended Soul.

Sims 3Sims 3 box art

Metacritic: 86

Average Price: $19.96

Sims is a game where you create a fantasy life that you want to live.  You can get a job, go on dates, have kids, or sit on the couch and watch TV.  In Sims, you control the life of your character in every way possible.

SporeSpore box art

Metacritic: 84

Average Price: $19.96

Have you ever thought about other life that could be in the universe? About what that other life could look like?  In Spore, a game made by the same people who brought you Sims, you can create that life and evolve it however you want! You start from a single cell organism surviving in the water of a planet, and you work your way to growing legs, battling other creatures, forming a tribe, then developing further intelligence and technology in cities while you bring the planet under a single rule.  And then you journey into space and join other space faring races and travel the galaxy, forming alliances and fighting other races. Beware though, there’s a race in the Spore galaxy that all races fear! This is an awesome game in its variety. For the first part of the game, you control a single specimen of your species as you work your way up the evolutionary chain. as you work your way up, you start controlling an entire group.  Then you control the cities that develop when you reach the city stage.  When you reach the space age, you go back to controlling a single member of your species, but you must work to develop and expand your empire.  This is an awesome game that you can get for a great price!

Star Wars: Empire at War Gold PackStar Wars: Empire at War Gold Edition box art

Metacritic: 75 and 79 (based on the two games separately)

Average Price: 9.96

Everyone loves Star Wars right?  Well here is a real time strategy game based in the Star Wars galaxy.  You can control either the Rebel Alliance or the Empire in the storyline that leads up to Episode 4: New Hope.  In Empire at War you can control everything from planets and fleets down to individual squads of soldiers.  When you own a planet, you can control its resource development and ability to build space ships and ground units, not to mention fighting space battles and land battles on those planets.  In the Forces of Corruption expansion, you follow a side story of Episode 6: Return of the Jedi.  You follow Tyber Zahn as he builds his Consortium of crime and corrupts planets, battles against Jabba the Hutt and other crime syndicates, and finds a way to steal a massive ship away from the emperor himself!  Empire at War Gold pack is basically 3 different campaigns in one, so Empire at war is a more than worth it game to add to your collection.


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