12 Days Left on Humble Indie Bundle 4

Humble Indie Bundle 4 logoFor fans of video games and doing decent things for their fellow man, the Humble Indie Bundle 4 brings a huge list of games and millions of dollars to charity.

Benefiting the Red Cross and Child’s Play, this year’s bundle includes five games with two bonuses for those who pay the suggested price. Gamers choose their price, be it $43,759.32 or $0.01 and get DRM (digital rights management (it’s bad (what the hell! Let’s make it three parenthesis!))) free, cross-platform codes for Jamestown, Bit.Trip Runner, Super Meat Boy, Shank, and NightSky HD. However, with the suggested donation of $5.37, purchasers receive Gratuitous Space Battles and Cave Story+.

The games can be played on Windows, Mac, or Linux. However, this is the first time to include Linux, so there may be bugs. Patience, grasshopper. Your games will be awesome after a patch or two.

So far, this years bundle has received over 230,000 purchases for a whopping $1,200,000+ to charity! So far, the average purchase price has been the $5.37 minimum. But to throw some interesting numbers at you, which I hope turns into thoughtful trolling in the comments below, the average Windows buyer spends $4.84, the Mac spends $7.21, and the Linux spends $9.95. The largest contributor has spent $4,750!

Who says gamers don’t care?

When purchasing, gamers are given five payment options: $100 (the suggested retail price), $50, $25, $15, or a custom amount. From there, the donor chooses how the money is distributed between the developers, the charity, and the actual Humble Bundle service. After that, it’s pretty standard online-buying procedure.

7 games for just over $5 ends on Dec. 28, so act now!


About Ben Davis

Ben writes for KWCR 88.1 Weber FM, Studio 76, the Signpost, and KSL.com and can be contacted on Twitter (@GameTaffyBen) or at Ben@GameTaffy.com!

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  2. More importantly, Cave Story+ alone is worth the suggested purchase price. Go go go!

  3. I’ve also bought the bundle and I’m really happy with it! A million dollar! Oh my goodness.. The charity would be really happy!

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