PSN’s Top Indie Title for 2011

limboLimbo pulled in the most sales on the Playstation network in 2011 for Indie titles.  Limbo is a 2D sidescroller with a very unique color scheme; it has none!  The player wakes up as a young boy in a dark world without color.  It turns out the boy is in a state of Limbo, and escape is essential, as Limbo is a dangerous and gruesome place!

Sony just released a list of all the top selling 3rd and 1st party titles.

Top 3 Indie titles:

Limbo (Playdead), Castle Crashers (The Behemoth), TestYourself Psychology (Creat Studios)

Top 3 1st party titles:

PixelJunk Shooter 2 (Q-Games), Fat Princess (Titan Studios), Flower (thatgamecompany)

For a full list of the top selling PSN games for 2011 click here.


About Clint Kingsley

Clint is a gaming journalist for PSN ID: K-Train22

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