Skyrim DLC in the Works

skyrimXbox owners will be pleased to hear that they will get their hands on the Skyrim DLC 30 days before PS3 and PC users will have access to it.  The developers are brainstorming ideas for the DLC based on what players are doing in the game.  They don’t want to add additional content; they want to improve the experience.

Game Director Todd Howard said they want to find “ways to make the game better, not just have more, because the game is so big,” he also stated that the DLC “won’t be quick, and they’ll have a lot of meat on them”.  No information on release dates has been released.

Skyrim recently won the VGA award for game of the year, aside from numerous hiccups after its release.

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Clint is a gaming journalist for PSN ID: K-Train22

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  1. Wait, are they hinting that they are going to release another “Horse Armor” DLC pack? I do want more content with my DLC. If they’re refining the in-game experience, that needs to be released as a free patch, not a premium piece of DLC.

  2. I’m not sure I like this, either. Fallout 3 DLC was just about perfect, in my opinion, and that game had a similar argument as far as the amount of content already available. I would love for Bethesda to pump out additional storylines (and maybe even Cyrodiil?!?!) instead of inserting content into already existing adventures.

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