Supremacy MMA Unrestricted PS Vita Logo505 Games has released details for the PS Vita game Supremacy MMA: Unrestricted.

We don’t have any screenshots or trailers yet, but we do know a little about the port.

The game continues to feature the smooth and fluid fighting that the series is known for. The game will feature new locations and fighters.

Due to the Vita’s unique control settings, players can use the face buttons or the touch screen during the bouts with customization to fit the players’ styles. As an MMA game, players can choose between several fighting styles, including Vita exclusive Jeet Kun Do and San Shou.

The game features local and online multiplayer with a huge roster of fighters, including Bao Quach (previously a download-only character) and Jason Yee and Novell “The Black Taoist” Bell (Vita exclusives). Besides the ring, locations include Vita exclusive Shaolin Temple, junkyard, military base, and underground parking garage.

Kung Fu Factory of the PS3 and 360 version of Supremacy MMA plans to finish and release the game through publisher 505 Games by first quarter 2012. No word on pricing.

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  1. sounds cool to me i never played supremacy mma anyway. I seen a few clips on youtube and it looks awsome hopefully they have better mma gear and a create a figher mode.

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