RetroSpection: Yoshi’s Island

Imagine a serpentine, pink tongue adhering itself to your face. It then slurps you into the fluffy interior of a saddled dinosaur with army boots, only for you to be explosively expelled out it’s tail end encased in a frightfully cramped polkadot shell. From here you would be weilded as a hand grenade to scramble your best friends into oblivion. (pardon the pun, it was a horrible yolk.) This is basic egg-making protocol. Because of this I truly pity the Shy Guy when I use him as butt cannon fodder in Retrospection Game #1: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island


Yoshi’s Island started off on the SNES, then was remade for the GBA. Then, in the spirit of beating a dead horse with a flaming Deku Stick, Nintendo remade it agian for the DS in Yoshi’s Touch & Go. It opened new realms of Nintendo’s platforming possibilies that I have seen influincing modern games like Super Mario Galaxy and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I had to get a winch to reel in my dropped jaw at some of the level design I’ve seen for Yoshi to hover, pound and egg blast trough. The inovation of spurting off from just simply bouncing off things like Tigger on meth was a welcome change from Super Mario World. And the EGGS! Oh, the eggs. Break wind with an enemy in your gullet and it turns into an egg. Let one of those suckers off the chain and the ricochetting rollercoaster ride insues. Banking shot’s off walls to give a pirahna plant an apendectimy is just…. apuiobiowuebfg… Sorry. I drooled on the key board. It’s amazing. The entire game revolves around it and it’s just delicious. I’ve gotten a tripple kill with a bouncy sniper shot and I think to myself… Yoshi did this first!

A beautiful ricocheting egg about to own Navel Pirahna 

Back in the day, I have to say this game really jostled my gamer jowls with the tasty game play. Graphically the game is a pixelgasm and a half. It is one of three games that made use of sprite rotation and scaling on the SNES. With the boss battles, particularly the tenth, it practically slaps you across the face with it. The controls and premise were simple enough for a young lad, the levels were a fine meaty quality. It borrows much from Super Mario World. Not too tough that I wanted to punt a baby Yoshi off a cliff like in the Super Mario World, but also not so simple I never heard the spleen-splitting yowl of baby mario when he got desaddled and bubble bound from Yoshi. Nintendo-appropriate adjectives cannot describe the horrendous sound that Baby Mario makes when you take damage. I can almost see my parent’s forhead veins throbbing again just thinking about it… It is the only painful part of the game.

Disregard the fact that Baby Mario sounds like a chalkboard emulating a British siren and the entire game was spectacular. If you haven’t played this gem of a game, get a hold of it . End of story. This is an amazing part of gaming history and deserves a play through.


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  1. Well written my friend! I really like what you’ve done here. My vote for a retrospection review: Earthbound!

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