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PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and PC will be getting a new family-friendly racing game soon!

Using an acrade-style top-down view, racers speed around the tracks, find shortcuts, and stop for pit stops.

The game will feature 9 tracks set across the globe, 20 vehicles with 8 skins and 4 classes of car, local multiplayer and online leaderboards, and arcade-based track obstacles, like cones and exploding barrels.

When I think of arcade-styled, top-down racers, I think of the arcade classic Super Off Road, a game that I could never get the hang of. There’s something about turning the wheel right to go left that I could never figure out, even if it was meant to be somewhat realistic.

Still, if it can live up to its visual promises, this will be a strong game to add to your harddrive.

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Ben writes for KWCR 88.1 Weber FM, Studio 76, the Signpost, and and can be contacted on Twitter (@GameTaffyBen) or at!

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