The Great Turkey Hunt

Dungeon Defenders: The Great Turkey Hunt logo

Get that jive turkey!

Free until Dec. 2, “The Great Turkey Hunt” DLC pack for Dungeon Defenders on Steam task players (in new Thanksgiving constumes!) with hunting turkeys for the great feast.

Unfortunately, the Dark Elves and the Mega Turkey (boss) will put up a fight against our young heroes.

The pack comes with a new mission, and four new costumes: The Apprentice as the Pilgrim, the Squire in a Turkey Outfit, the Huntress as Pocahontas, and the Monk as a Conquistador!

Dungeon Defenders on Steam is temporarily 50% off, and this DLC pack is FREE! However, no word on the price after Dec. 2.

The New Hero Pack

Dungeon Defenders: New Hero Pack logo

Four new heroes join the fight!

Tired of the same 4 heroes?

Now, Steam users can purchase four more heroes, seen here!

The Initiate is a female monk who can drain the defenses of all nearby foes and boost the defenses of nearby towers.

The Countess can charge through enemies and raise the morale (attack and defense) of other players.

The Ranger hides his allies with an invisibility cloak and rips through hordes of foes with his Piercing Shot.

Finally, the Adept is a female mage using white magic to counter the necromancers’ skeletons and can upgrade towers instantly.

All are available in the “New Hero Pack” on Steam for $5!

Warping Core Challenge Pack

For those Steam users looking for an extra challenge, the $2 “Warping Core Challenge Pack” offers 4 new Warping Core Challenges on 3 maps: Royal Gardens, Endless Spires, and Castle Armory Hall of Court.

Final Word

As a PSN user, I’m jealous and hope these come to consoles!


About Ben Davis

Ben writes for KWCR 88.1 Weber FM, Studio 76, the Signpost, and and can be contacted on Twitter (@GameTaffyBen) or at!

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