SKYDRIFT Launches on Steam

PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade’s SkyDrift (developed by Digital Reality) launched on Steam this week for $10.

At launch, the “Gladiator” DLC pack was available for free, featuring Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. However, if you missed the free-ness (free-itude? free-ity?) of this deal, you can pick it up for a tiny $3.

Not enough extra content? The “Extreme Fighters” DLC pack adds 3 more planes to your options. Players can choose between the Vanguard, Sparrow X1 and Triwing Vintage for an extra $1.50.

Or, if you’re like me, you’d rather not pay extra and just enjoy the game in its original format. Fortunately, there’s plenty to enjoy.

As a twist on the kart-racer genre, SkyDrift features air-racing action. With 8 different planes and up to 8-player multiplayer, players can skillfully bob and weave through the course or shoot down anyone they can’t overtake.

The game features 6 different power-ups. However, only two at a time can be carried and upgraded. Rather than running over a power and firing, players have to plan to their strengths and their opponents’ weaknesses.

SkyDrift takes players through several, visually stunning locations, like the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, or Alaska. The game features 3 game modes: “Power Racing Mode” is the standard race with power-ups; “Speed Race Mode” is a race with turbos placed on the track; and “Survival Mode” is a race against the clock as players attempt to gun each other down.

However, rather than release the game for $10 and charge $4.50 more to finish the experience, Digital Reality would have done better to sell everything together for $15. Sure, gamers get a saving of 50 cents and have the option of ignoring the DLC, but as a firm believe in DLC being an excuse for laziness, I would rather pay the extra half-dollar to feel like I’m buying a complete, finished game, rather than buy a game and then two more DLC packages that were added after the fact.

Still, this is one of the best kart racers for Steam right now!

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