Media Monday #1

New DaGeDar Cover Art

Welcome to Halloween! I doubt the media from this week will scare anyone, though. Tell you what, image that you are getting DaGeDar for Christmas. That should scare you!

Zumba Fitness Rush Release Date Announced

Zumba Fitness Rush will be hitting the Xbox 360’s Kinect in February of 2012.

Army Corps of Hell Announced

Square-Enix has announced Army Corps of Hell for the PlayStation Vita in 2012.

The game uses the touch screen on the PS Vita to select and lead armies of Orcs as the King of Hell tries to reclaim his throne. The game looks interesting as an Action-RTS title, but it should be taken for what it is: a launch title.

Rock of Ages Halloween Special

Atlus’s Rock of Ages is getting some spooky DLC with a Jack-o-lantern Rock.

The DLC is 25% off until today (Halloween-duh!).

New Heroes of Ruin Trailer

Quantum Conundrum Media

Square-Enix plans to release this downloadable game to PC, PSN, and XBLA sometime in February of 2012.

Jaws: Ultimate Predator Media

Back in the days of the NES, Jaws hit the consoles as a survival horror/fishing sim. It was terrible.

The player would man a small fishing boat and hunt for Jaws. Periodically, a buzzer would sound, and the player had to dive under water and kill the sea life. There were many smaller sharks, causing gamers to wonder if a mistake had been made and multiple Jawses were programmed into the game by mistake. If a player continued long enough, he would finally discover Jaws, the largest shark in the game. There was nothing profound about the game.

Still, I’d rather play that than this dribble hitting the 3DS and the Wii.

Twister Mania Launch Trailer

Wakfu Media

Final Fantasy Tactics, I’d like you to meet World of Warcraft.

Some time in the next year, I’m expecting you to produce a child named Wakfu!


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