War of the Worlds Sewer Poster

A last taste of concept art!

H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds has seen many different movie versions and rip-offs. And the games have always followed the movies.

Isn’t it about time we start to see more games based on books?

Other Ocean’s The War of the Worlds hopes to convince players that books can make great video games.

And I hope they’re right!

Voiced by Sir Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard!), the tale of Arthur unfolds as players navigate through attacking aliens.

WarpZone Show received a review code of this game. There will be a video review!

FINAL WORD: Interesting

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  1. I really like the parallax method they are using the game footage really brings back memories from playing Yoshi’s island and Super Metroid. That being said, I think they still should have used motion capture for the character. I was never a fan of the Slapped on animation look that is borne from misaligned frames. 😛

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. I will have a review up by Monday, and my biggest concern is the stiffness of the character. And I guarantee that the stiffness comes from this slapped on animation. On the one hand, good for developers to make gameplay match the art style, but on the other hand, if they knew it looked stiff, they should have made up for it with fluid jump, climb, and roll mechanics.

    Thanks, for commenting, and we hope to see hear more from you on GameTaffy!

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