The PS Vita has Alzheimer’s

If you are as excited about the PS Vita as I am, you should be aware of a few setbacks in the final release of the portable before you get the nerd giggles.  For starters, the WiFi model is set to run at about $249.99 and the 3G/WiFi model will run at about $299.99, so you’ll be shelling out the price of a regular console.  The 3G model doesn’t even include the price of a data plan.  On top of that, it was just revealed that certain games such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Dream Club Zero, Disgaea 3, Hot Shots Golf 6, Monster Raider, and Ridge Racer will require the addition of a memory card.  They will not be supported by the on board memory.  The following memory cards will be available: 4GB memory card (US$29), 8GB memory card ($42), 16GB memory card ($72), and 32GB memory card ($124) (Kotaku).  So if you want a hefty chunk of memory, and 3G speed for optimal online gaming, you could be spending about $425 plus a $15-$25 data plan.  That’s a lot of dough, and if you ask me, other portables are better and more popular.

PS Vita Photo

If the Vita comes built in with a nice os with an app store on par with Apple or Android, it could hold its own, but the popularity in the iPhone and Android phones are their accessibility and popularity among a huge demographic that conventional gaming consoles never dreamed of.  iPhones are popular among young and old.  I’ve seen many elderly addicted to Angry Birds, and my mother in law in particular (who is not into gaming at all) has several slot-machine and gambling-type games on her Android-run, T-Mobile myTouch.  I thought this was a strength in the Xperia play, a playstation phone released by Sony, but it too seems to be missing something; it is as popular as Rebecca Black at a Metallica concert.

I’m not sure if I want a Vita anymore.  Although I am a die hard Uncharted fan, I would be more interested in borrowing someone’s Vita for a weekend to play Golden Abyss, and invest my money in other console games.  The Vita could turn out to be an outstanding piece of hardware, but that will have to be proven with its release.  What are your thoughts on portable devices?  Am I an utter imbecile?  What innovation could make it for the PS Vita?  Let me know in the comments.


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  1. The vita looms amazing at first glance, but I don’t understand how a system can support it’s own software at a reasonable level. If we can put 32 gigs on mu thumbnail, then surely a “portable” system the size of the boyscout handbook can manage more data than the book itself… or at least my CELLPHONE to be reasonable. Bottum line, if you are going to spend money on developing a system, make sure ALL OF the hardware is cutting edge. Don’t go half assed on one aspect.

    • Sony has this idea that they can still steer technology like they did in the 90s. In the West, we don’t like spending more and more money. Hopefully Sony makes some needed changes for Vita 2.0. For now, I’ll stick to my 3DS for handheld gaming.

      Thanks for your response and tell your friends!

      • As was stated in the article android and apple are PWNing face in the game industry. After I got my DROID3 All my gaming addictions can be sated on one device. I wanted to get a quote “next gen system” but they’re so expensive and come with less and less good software I just stick with my N64 and gameboy emulator. Am I a hardcore retrogamer? Maybe… but it doesn’t change the fact I am not buying one because of the competition. Man up, Sony. Change your, strategy…. clinton isn’t in office any more. Evolve.

  2. Latest Update! It has now been released that it won’t support Flash! I better be able to see into the future with this thing, otherwise my interest is waning.

  3. 10 bucks says they’ll announce it isn’t backwards compatible with PSP.

    • From what I hear, they are talking about ways to actually rip the games and put them straight onto it. But from Sony’s past Batcrapcrazy fits from pirates (OH NOES) i’m guessing it’s going to be more of a kick in the pants than a loving caress on the oldies. From what I hear you can simply redeem your old downloaded PSN Games to the new system… But Anon, er I mean, alas, we all know how that goes.

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