No, the WarpZone watermark is not on the cover.

The last time I played “Twister,” I was a bachelor at a party, and I choose not to recount any more than that for fear that my wife will read this post.

When I heard about Twister Mania for Xbox 360’s Kinect, hitting shelves on November 1, I thought it would be closer to the – um – board game.

And after seeing the screen shots, I was pleasantly surprised!

There’s not two ways about it, this is a casual game.

However, with 16 game modes, this does look like a game that will be fun for young children. Or, drunken adults.

I wish I watched more television, because one of the game modes reminds me of a game show where teams had to fit into shapes on a wall. I think the show only lasted a season, maybe two. This game will definitely last longer than that as a casual game for family (or drinking) night.

Another mode allows players to race against the clock as they smash through blocks, which doesn’t remind me of Twister in any way, but it will still be fun.

The last mode that I saw was the one that I know will cause the most frustration for me when playing against anyone in better shape than me: A match-the-shape mode. Like HORSE for your body, one player will make a body shape, and the next player will have to match it.

Launching around November 1, be sure to stay tuned to WarpZone on and Weber State News Studio 76 for a review!



About Ben Davis

Ben writes for KWCR 88.1 Weber FM, Studio 76, the Signpost, and and can be contacted on Twitter (@GameTaffyBen) or at!

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