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Each week, I post an article for parents about the new releases on the horizon.

Each week, gamers accuse me of not being a gamer.

I have two theories on this. The first was mentioned on the WarpZone Show. But I’m starting to develop a new theory: No one can be pleased.

Sure, it’s easy enough, but it should be taken seriously. The people who enjoy the articles will not comment. They will not say, “Keep writing this because it is what I needed.” But the people who demand more will always complain that they are not having their needs met. So if I get 2 negative comments for 2000 views, there’s a good chance that the other 1998 are satisfied readers.

As a rebuttal to one person who will most likely never read this article, Batman: Arkham Asylum was not a perfect game. It looked great, had an engaging story, and kept interest with developing gameplay. But that does not make it perfect.

The game practically played itself. No matter how surrounded Batman was, if he was about to be attacked, his Spidey-sense tingled (there’s the first major issue), time slowed, and one button would stop oncoming attacks. Clearly, this was a game that did not want to challenge the gamer.

Also, despite having a beautiful art design, most players spent most of their time in “Detective Mode,” the X-ray vision that allowed players to see all characters in a room (making the game even easier).

All in all, Arkham Asylum is one of the best games I have ever played, but I’ve never had a reason to play it a second time. It’s a single experience that is enjoyed once.

With the open world of Arkham City, I have faith that Rock Steady has made a far better experience. They themselves recognized the issues of the first, so I hope that this will be an equally excellent experience without feeling like it plays it self.


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