Baer-ly Played: Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit (Review)

I’ve come up with this trivial little theory that says “The less seriously a game takes itself, the more easily I am impressed by it.” Arkedo Studios has apparently overheard me talking about this, and employed it in heavy doses with Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, released September 26th on the Xbox Live Arcade. The game is hilarious, often in a demented sort of way – but can the bright colors and fourth wall humor keep it afloat? Read the rest of this entry

Chaseme Weekly Digital Content

An alien staring at fish is..... kind of... alien!

This week in digital media I’m going to cover a whole lot of gaming action so stay focused and bring some popcorn!

First and foremost, Warp is the newest addition to the Xbox Live Arcade library, and for lack of better description, I’m going to copy the game’s description directly from to show you what Warp is all about!

“Warp™ is a puzzle based stealth action game where gamers play as Zero, a loveable yet lethal, little orange alien with a big score to settle. Abducted by a villainous General from his home world and taken to an underwater research facility, Zero must plan his ultimate escape by relying on his arsenal of special abilities.”

This game looks to be the next most interesting puzzle/arcade game, runs at 800 Microsoft Points, and (if you didn’t catch my last news post) will be available for PC and Playstation Network on March 13th for you non Xbox owners. And hey if you don’t already own or tried the demo for the games Limbo and Trials HD, (both a couple of old, but golden, classic Xbox Arcade games) I highly suggest you do. And for those of you pinching pennies, you can demo any of these three titles, along with hundreds more, just go to the marketplace on your console!

Next, I am a huge Tron: Legacy fan and I doubt I’m the only one. I’m also a huge Square Enix fan… And because Tron is a Disney title; their next game will include elements from the movie Tron: Legacy. Characters Sam Flynn, Kevin Flynn, and Quorra will make appearances in the new title for the 3DS, along with the “Grid”, and possibly a full Tron level. The 3DS game which is titled Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance (a mouthful, I know) will be releasing sometime this year. Check out this trailer for the game on Youtube!

With the launch of Sony’s Vita, it’s hard to believe there wouldn’t be a Call of Duty title from the popular franchise for a new and upcoming system. Senior Vice President for Sony, Guy Longworth, confirmed the Vita will be getting a new Call of Duty title, though no news of whether it is going to be a Black Ops, Modern Warfare, or other COD title. Keep an eye out here at GameTaffy, or check up on the official COD website, right here.

Last but not least, both Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten, and Saints Row: The Thirdhave new add-ons recently added for PS3! Both games have had a new map or dlc content released a couple of times recently this year, but both just recieved

Disgaea 4's Valvatorez: former vampire and tyrant.

their own recent packs this month. Check out Kunoichi for Disgaea 4, and the Funtime! Pack for Saints Row: The Third!

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Sims, Mass Effect 3, and Warp

Maxis knows best how to make a city simulation game!

The popular game developer behind games such as SimCity, The Sims, and Spore, have been rumored to be unveiling a new Sim (City? Maybe SC5?) title at the Game Developer Conference. Held early next month, no news or announcement has been officially made yet. Electronic Arts hasn’t announced anything either, so keeps eyes and ears open. The publisher will stream their show during the GDC, which will be on March 6th.

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IMHO: Gamer Haters

Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii will consume the Earth. Watch.

I went to high school back in the day. I think most of you did too. I can recall all the drama about who looks the best and who can crack the funniest joke in class without taking it too far. Those kids were cool, everyone has tried one way or another to be ‘cool’. We live in a world of see, look, do, feel… And if you’re not the best, somebody else is. Looks are everything, and ideas are slowly dying out, it seems. Read the rest of this entry

GameTaffy NewShow – God of War 4, Vita, DOTA

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